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Andre Seguinot


ANDRE SEGUINOT (guitarist) was born on April 24. 1931 in Montpellier, France. He is the founder and full-time member of the Club Django Toronto Sextet, the tribute band he formed in this country after first being inspired as a very young man seeing, and hearing, the great Django Reinhardt in live performance in Paris in 1951.

Playing his trademark 1961 Favino guitar, Seguinot has led the Club Django Toronto Sextet in triumphant concert appearances at important North American jazz festivals including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Ottawa Jazz Festival, and the Syracuse Jazz Festival.

The Club Django Sextet performed in the “Sound of Toronto Jazz” Concert Series at the Ontario Science Centre in October, 2000.


2000 – Awarded “Best Album of the Year for Traditional/Classic Performance” by the Canadian Collectors’ Congress for the Club Django Sextet’s debut CD


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Club Django and the Guild Inn, Aug 2000