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Oliver Jones

Oliver Jones discusses his professional success

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Oliver Jones talks about teaching jazz

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Oliver Jones talks about playing and teaching while on tour

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 Q: “I know that you’re a modest man – you never thought that this was going to happen to you, did you? It’s almost a whole new career for you considering all the years that you’ve been in the music business, but it’s only been in the last seven or eight years really that you’ve had a jazz career…”


A: “That's it and just to have a jazz career alone at home was enough for me, and of course, you know Carol, my agent who is gung-ho and just a wonderful person to work with and she just really work extremely hard. I definitely have to say that she has been the one that's been able to bridge the gaps and get the contacts going, especially in Europe.  And the US last year, when I finally broke into, which I think was the hardest thing to do.”