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Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich discusses his ability to be outspoken.

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Buddy Rich discusses recording live records.

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Buddy Rich discusses his non-working life.

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Q: “What do you do with your off time? I know your life is music but you still must have other recreations.”

A: “I'll tell you about that. When I opened a club, I found myself in another business. I found myself home a great deal and I found myself to be very bored with being home. There is nothing for me to do. I've always been active. I've always been on the road. I've always done one-nighters, thirty at a time in my car driving. In the new business now, I have the whole day to myself. I don't go any place. I don't drive any place and I go to work in the evening or else I take some time off and taking time off just ruins me. I gain weight because I eat all day long and I watch television all day long and because I don't go out a lot, I go to the theatre a lot. But I don't like it, and that's one of the reasons why I'm organizing a big band again, so I can get back on the road. I think I like to be in front of people. It's fun to play for people.”