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This project was made possible by funding through the Canadian Culture Online Strategy and the Heritage Policy Branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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This section provides you with more specific search options with which to navigate the Canadian Jazz Archive Online site. Note that Concerts, Bands, Musicians, Songs and Documentaries are also searchable via the sidebar links at right. Additional search categories provided here are:

  • Album: a growing list of Albums created by the Musicians and Bands
  • Band: an alphabetical listing of the Bands
  • Concert: an alphabetical listing of the Concerts performed
  • Documentary: In-depth documentaries on a growing list of Musicians
  • Image: browse the catalogue of Images
  • Instrument: a complete alphabetical listing of every instrument played by an artist in a Sound of Jazz concert recording. Click on a particular instrument to view a list of players (with links to their biographical profiles)
  • Interviews: an alphabetical listing Musicians interviewed
  • Jazz Person: a complete alphabetical listing of composers, sound engineers, etc. whose work is featured in some way in the Sound of Jazz Concert Series recordings
  • Venue: an alphabetical listing of places across Canada that have been or are a home to Jazz
  • Musician: an alphabetical listing of the artists who have performed in the Concerts
  • Song: an alphabetical listing of the Songs performed in the Concerts