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How can I make a correction or addition to a biography?

The site content is maintained by volunteers of JAZZ.FM91. If you have a correction or an addition to a biography, please contact us at

Why is my favourite Canadian musician not on this site?

Please note that at present; only artists who performed in Sound of Toronto Jazz Concerts from 1976 to 2000 and artists who performed in the Sound of Jazz Concert Series from 2000 to 2009 are included on the site. We look forward to future expansion.

What are the financial issues that limit the availability of the archived concerts?

While the original concerts were recorded for broadcast by JAZZ.FM91 and are owned by the radio station, there are a number of parties that require fees each time you hear music online or over the radio. These include the Musicians' Union (pays the performer), SOCAN (pays the songwriter), CMRRA/CSI (pays for the reproduction rights) and others. The cost to stream selections of the 30 years of the Sound of Jazz Concert Series recordings that we have archived is considerable, and these fees are annual.

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