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This project was made possible by funding through the Canadian Culture Online Strategy and the Heritage Policy Branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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The Sound of Jazz Concert Series was launched under the name Sound of Toronto Concert Series back in 1976, and is still taking place today.

Performances and broadcast interviews were recorded and stored, and as time passed, it became clear that if left untouched, many of the recordings would eventually degrade and a unique treasure trove of Canadian jazz would be lost forever.

The Canadian Jazz Archive Online began, with the generous support of Canadian Heritage, as an effort to restore and preserve these recordings, and then grew into a much larger initiative, one that would make the recordings available to the public via the internet, and that would also provide additional audio, visual and textual materials about the artists and key figures that have shaped the Canadian jazz landscape.

With a selection of concert recordings, artist profiles, in-depth documentaries on iconic Canadian jazz artists, and a comprehensive educational component, the Canadian Jazz Archive Online provides a perspective that is both contemporary and historical in its scope and uniquely Canadian in its flavour.

For more information on the CJAO, contact:

JAZZ.FM91 would like to thank the following for their tireless efforts in both Phase I and Phase II of the CJA.


Ross Porter, JAZZ.FM91 (Project Director)
Alison Liddell, JAZZ.FM91 (Project Manager)
Victoria Sanjana, JAZZ.FM91
Patrick Brown, JAZZ.FM91
Donnie Tong, JAZZ.FM91
Jessica Humphreys, JAZZ.FM91
Larry Green, JAZZ.FM91
Anny Yang, JAZZ.FM91
Pinnacle Communications (Site Developer)
Noel Uzelac, MediaCube (Audio Restoration and Digital Transfer)
Danny Greenspoon, Audio Truck (Sound Engineer)
Jackie Chan (Sound Engineer)
James Dooley, (Digital Editor)
Geoff Siskind (Documentary Producer)
Fay Olson, (Biography and Photos Researcher)
Moreen Murray (Biography Researcher)
Suzanne Belanger (Educational Tools Writer)
Brenton Plourde (Content editing)
Les Wheeler (Concert editing)
Maggie Broda, Lisa Goslawski, and Michael Sidrose (Phase I French Translation)
Textronics (Phase II French Translation)
Dave Crepp (Content Updating)


Jim Davis, Gloria Tuck, Brenda Girdwood, Ron Yarwood, Renee Schouton, Heather Green, Rachel Posedowski, Cassie Davidson, Matthew Pencer, Tony Matthews, Sonia Holiad, Ashleigh Clayton Thomas, Amy Mark, Michelle Ranieri, Jessica Burke, David Smith, Simone Marie