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Milt Jackson

Milt Jaxkson on working with different musicians.

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Milt Jaxkson discusses his love for music.

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Milt Jaxkson discusses the ability to communicate through music.

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Q: “Milt, tell me – why did you start playing music, and what does music do for you? Why do you play it?”

A: “First of all, the first reason, part one, why? Okay? And I have to go back to when I was seven when I discovered that this natural ability, natural talent musically. That is perfect pitch and the second thing which is really rare for one person to have both, a photographic memory. So actually, the perfect pitch or thing is how I got into music itself. Just anything musical, anything, it didn’t matter. For example, my mother and father, when they woke up in the morning, getting us ready for school and whatnot, it was country western. A group called the Suns of the Pioneers, very popular. So, automatically, I was just geared to music. It didn't matter what type of music it was. It was later when I learned the different faces of music and facets of music. But from the time when I was seven, I knew that music would be my whole livelihood. It was just a question of what I would do when I grow up, which direction I would go when I grew older.”