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The Journey to Jazz and Human Rights: Episode 4 - Jazz Around the World

The Journey to Jazz and Human Rights is a documentary look at how the music, and the men and women who made the music, laid claim to human rights around the world.

Part 4: Jazz Around the World

The Cold War, two superpowers divvying up the global map. Each side, Soviet and Western, had their missiles, but they also had cultural weapons: propaganda through the arts. America had an idea: to export jazz, as a sign of democratic superiority. Problem was, with a civil rights crisis at home, they had nothing to brag about. In Part 4 of The Journey to Jazz and Human Rights, jazz and the Cold War, with Darius Brubeck and the historians of the art form.

Funding for this series was provided by Maytree, which is committed to advancing systemic solutions to poverty and strengthening civic communities by taking a human rights approach.

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