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25 Concert(s) Found

Here you will find a selection of the restored and digitized recordings from JAZZ FM.91's Sound of Jazz Concert Series. Concerts are listed in alphabetical order by band name, along with the date of the recording. Simply click on the concert that you are interested in; from there you can choose to listen to the entire concert or an individual song. The search function can also be used to search for concerts by date and/or specific band name. Happy listening!

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Jackie Washington and FriendsDecember 4, 1994Ontario Science Centre
Jake Langley TrioOctober 22, 2001Ontario Science Centre
Jake Wilkinson and the Funky Boot Brass BandDecember 14, 1998Ontario Science Centre
Jane Bunnett and FriendsDecember 13, 1999Ontario Science Centre
Jane Bunnett QuintetDecember 1, 1986Ontario Science Centre
Jane Bunnett with stringDecember 8, 1994Ontario Science Centre
Jane Fair QuartetMarch 23, 1981Ontario Science Centre
Jane Fair-Rosemary Galloway QuintetNovember 17, 2003Ontario Science Centre
Jeff Johnston TrioOctober 21, 2002Ontario Science Centre
Jeff Jones with the Wray Downes QuartetDecember 13, 1993Ontario Science Centre
Jerry Fuller QuintetDecember 2, 1991Ontario Science Centre
Jerry Johnson QuintetNovember 3, 1997Ontario Science Centre
Jerry Toth QuartetNovember 16, 1981Ontario Science Centre
Jim Buckmann's Jazz BaronsFebruary 15, 1982Ontario Science Centre
Jim Galloway and Bob FentonJanuary 13, 1992Ontario Science Centre
Jim Galloway's Wee Big BandFebruary 12, 1979Ontario Science Centre
Jim McHarg's Maple Leaf Jazz BandMarch 21, 1983Ontario Science Centre
Joe Sealy TrioMarch 1, 1982Ontario Science Centre
Joe Sealy/Paul Novotny DuoNovember 16, 1998Ontario Science Centre
Joey DeFrancesco - Jake Langley TrioOctober 25, 2004Ontario Science Centre
John AlcornNovember 18, 2003Living Arts Centre
John Johnson QuartetJanuary 29, 1996Ontario Science Centre
John McLeod QuartetFebruary 6, 1984Ontario Science Centre
John Roney TrioMarch 10, 2002Ontario Science Centre
John Sumner QuintetFebruary 22, 1999Ontario Science Centre